Hi, all. It’s been awhile since I posted here.

I would like to introduce to you guys a very special thing, which’s recently being very popular among the hip Koreans.


Wow… right? According to Cafe 19+, the coffee is made of herbal medicine that’s good for your ‘stamina.’

They also sell penis soaps. Yes, soaps that are shaped like a penis. No wonder the name is called 19+ (nineteen plus).

Cafe 19+


Stamina Coffee boiling…Yum?

One more thing, watch Charly’s video as she explores through Cafe 19+ and tastes Stamina Coffee.

Eager to taste Stamina Coffee for your health? :p

We offer you free Stamina Coffee Coupon!! Hurry and get your coupon guys~~


XOXO, Trazy





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