On a bright sunny day, which was also May day, Trazy Crew decided to go out on a small journey around Seoul with the Kbeat team!

The weather was perfect with an early summer breeze and not so many people because of the early time we met.

It was the Trazy Crew team, the Kbeat team and our dearest friend, Donghyun.

We first went to Garosugil, a hip street lined with beautiful ginkgo trees and filled with trendy restaurants, clothing shops and bars.


Just look at the cute couple 🙂


Behind the scene of upcoming …what? 

Then we moved to Bongeunsa Temple, which was decorated with unique lanterns getting ready for Buddha’s birthday next week.

Bongeunsa templeBongeunsa Temple, covered with lantern wishes.

There was also a separate section to mourn for the Sewol Ferry Incident and wish for a miracle. The yellow ribbons show how people are still hoping for the best out of the worst…


Yellow ribbons in Bongeunsa Temple.

Curious what we were doing around Garosugil and Bongeunsa? Well, here is the episode 1 video!

Click on the captions down right on the video for subtitles.

Also vote fore you favorite dating spot from the video here and win a special Trazy Travel Kit! Yayyyy 🙂

XOXO, Trazy.

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