The cold winter is upon us, and we’re so excited to officially introduce our winter campaign, “Korea Winter Ski Trip Finder” to all of you!

About Trazy’s Winter Campaign 2019-20

Find your perfect ski trip in Korea with Trazy

Whether it be going to ride the slopes alone or having some winter fun with family, Trazy has everything ready for you to experience the awesome winter adventures in Korea.

>> Check out our Ski Trip Finder here! <<


Trazy’s Ski Finder Overview

1. Choose the option that best describes your trip!

There are ski resorts scattered all over the country. All of them offer world-class facilities like lifts, gondolas, multiple slopes, and equipment for people of all levels!

Trying to pick the right ski resorts to visit can be a challenging task. For those who feel that way, our Ski Finder will help find a ski package that’s customized to fit your needs and interests! You can find out which ski resort and activities are perfect for you. If you have no idea where to enjoy your winter in Korea, let us help you decide.

Many people have different preferences, some like to ski, others like to enjoy activities like sledding on the side. Others prefer to take a dip in the pool or have fun at a festival.


2. A filter to customize Your Ski Trip!

Are you someone that likes to plan things out on your own? If the give options are not what you were looking for, why don’t you customize your trip? In the filter on the left side of the page, you can pick the dates, price, departing location and so much more! This way, you can use your time efficiently and have the most fun you can have during your Winter trip to Korea!



You can also pick and choose from the ski resort that you are planning on visiting! How convenient is that?! A trip made just for you can be complex but with the ski finder, you are sure to find something that is perfectly suited for you!

3. A map of showing all the ski resorts.


Check out all the information about ski resorts on the map such as the distance from Seoul, the number of slopes, ski lifts and more. You can even find out how beginner-friendly a ski resort is!

If you want to find out more about all the great ski resorts in Korea, here is a fantastic guide to the best ski resorts in Korea!


4. Checklist for your perfect ski trip.

You can’t have a perfect ski trip without the proper preparation! Double-check with our checklist to ensure the most fun for your trip!

The checklist has it all from transportation, lift passes, equipment rentals, lessons, and accommodations! This list is bound to assist you to create perfect trips with details that are perfectly suited just for you!


If you need more tips for your first ski trip in Korea, check out our guide! Don’t forget to stop by, Korea’s #1 travel shop to find more fun and exciting things to do in South Korea!



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