Every year, tons of tourists flock to Jeju Island, expecting the exotic mood, picturesque coastline, and instagrammable cafes and restaurants and many more. Jeju Island is a place where you can enjoy all of these at the same time. However, there is still so much to explore beyond them. If you want to discover more about Jeju Island, read our blog, and complete your itinerary! 

1. Spectacular Show

If you want to experience the most spectacular shows in Jeju Island, Circus World Show will be the best option! At Jeju Circus World, you will see the aerial silk moves, juggling, diablo tricks, and even the motorcycle stuntmen, who drive inside a caged ball! You might not be able to take your eyes off every stage. 

2. Dazzling Light Gardens

What better way to make a romantic mood than with a light? Here are two best light gardens you can visit in Jeju Island. Seri World Romantic Maze Light Garden will brighten your night with 3,500 camellia trees. When you get inside the maze, you will find various photo spots, which will guarantee your best photos ever. Don’t forget to check out the dazzling place full of glowing sculptures. Now, it’s time to look around Jeju Light Garden! It is located in Aewol-eup, where you can find many trendy cafes and restaurants. Spend your daytime there, and just come over to the dazzling romantic garden! Don’t forget to take a picture with the love swan, the most famous lightning sculpture. You can also enjoy a romantic dinner surrounded by sparkling lights.

3. Exhilarating Parks for Children

1) Exhibitions

For those who are looking for attractions for your kids, here is the list for you! Jeju Toy Park is the heavenly place for toy-lovers. It displays famous cartoon characters made of Lego blocks, figures of Marvel character, Gundam models, and so forth. Not only for kids but also for yourself, it will be a cherishable experience. At Jeju Fairy and Woodsman Theme Park, you can travel back in time and find out how Korea was like in 1960~70s. Try old school uniforms and take photos while sitting in the classroom. It offers 15 different kinds of exhibitions, including traditional Korean games and a miniature model of the old Seoul Station! 

2) Activities

Then, it’s time to liven up your trip with exciting attractions! Jeju Shinhwa Theme Park is a Larva concept theme park, which consists of a theme park, a resort, a water park, and other facilities. You can enjoy three different zones, including Rotary Park, Oscar’s New World, Larva Adventure Village. For the K-pop fans, K-pop and leisure complex with a cafe and a bowling alley are ready. Besides, it offers 4D theater, VR theater, and even ice rink! Jeju Cocomong Eco Park is an eco-friendly theme park that offers a variety of attractions like the maze, side slide, and jungle camp with a fantastic pacific ocean view of Jeju Island.

If you’re not a big fan of those iconic characters, here is the classic but eternally beloved attraction, Jeju Dinosaur Land! Witness the life-size dinosaur replicas and other animals from the Jurassic period. Don’t miss out on this perfect chance to explore the natural history museum, maritime museum, mini-zoo, toy land, and many more. Last but not least, stop by Jeju Brick Campus and check out various arts of work all made by colored toy bricks! This place has been featured on various Korean TV shows, including “Hyori’s Homestay 2” and “Running Man”. There is also a room filled with blocks, where kids can have a fun time with various bricks.

4. Animal-Friendly Experience

If you are an animal-friendly type of person, why not hang out with sheep and horses in Jeju Island? At Jeju Sheep Farm, you can spend time interacting with farm animals, such as sheep, goats, pigs, horses, deer, and more. In addition, it offers a chance to enjoy caffe latte made of fresh sheep milk. Horse riding is one of the most popular activities in Jeju Island. For those who want to try, there are two options. First, you can ride on the fantastic Jeju Island’s beach, which offers a chance to follow Jeju’s stone trails and horse tracks. Otherwise, you can ride the horse through the open fields and enjoy the picturesque scenery of Jeju Island. Clear panoramic views and exhilarating air will make you feel refreshed.  

5. Heal Your Body and Soul

Here are some attractions where you can chill out while walking around the beautiful and tranquil spaces. Jeju Hueree Natural Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Jeju Island. You will get to learn about traditional Jeju customs and the locals’ lifestyle while walking around this park. Have a chance to walk barefoot on the charcoal ground and relax your feet with hot spring! Jeju Healing Village program offers various programs for your sound body and mind, such as cooking class for nutritious food, trekking with a guide, hopping aboard hot air balloon, and taking a lecture. While staying the night surrounded by nature, give yourself a little break.

Forest Fantasia is the first and the largest hologram attraction park in Jeju Island with various themes. The forest with swimming whales and the Baobab Trees in the Little Prince by the hologram will present one of the most unforgettable moments in your life. Last but not least, don’t miss out on soothing your body at Sanbangsan Mountain Carbonate Hot Springs! With both indoor and outdoor areas, you can enjoy the unique hot spring where you dip yourself in a tub of naturally carbonated water.

6. Exciting Transportation

Do you want to explore Jeju Island with exciting transportation? Then, Electric Scooter and UTV will give you the answer! With an electric scooter, you can explore Jeju Island in the most stylish way. The good thing is that you don’t need to concern about pick-up and return at all. This is a hassle-free service which offers delivery service to your accommodation. However, If you are looking for something more dynamic, UTV is highly recommended. Jeju Island is one of the best places for off-road activities because it has many hills. You can jump in a super-fast buggy car and ride on the rough and wild terrain. Protective equipment is free of charge so enjoy the speed exploding your adrenaline! 

7. One-and-Only 1 Day Tours

How about spending a day with a special tour on Jeju Island? Jeju East/West Course 1 Day Bus Tour includes most of the must-visit places on both the east and west side of the Island. All you need to do is choose which side you would like to visit. At every attraction, an experienced photographer will take Instagram-worthy pictures of you! Udo Island and Eco Land 1 Day Tour will take you to the picturesque Island, Udo, by cruising. After exploring Udo Island, you will hop aboard a train around an ecological theme park, Eco Land. At the end of the tour, you will have a chance to learn how to make ice cream with fresh milk and savor it!        

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