Every year, tons of tourists flock to Jeju Island, expecting the exotic mood, picturesque coastline, instagrammable cafes and restaurants, and many more. Jeju Island is a place where you can enjoy all of these at the same time. However, there is still so much to explore beyond them. If you want to discover more about Jeju Island, read our blog, and complete your itinerary! 

  1. Jeju Snap Photoshoot
  2. Dazzling Light Garden
  3. Unique Attractions in Jeju
  4. Animal-Friendly Experience
  5. Heal Your Body and Soul
  6. Fun Ways of Exploring Jeju
  7. Exciting New Leisure Concept
  8. Unique Shows & Performances

1. Jeju Snap Photoshoot

Jeju Island is one of the most beautiful regions in Korea boasting numerous sites with amazing natural and man-made sceneries perfect for taking pictures. Many couples, families, and friends love to leave their memories in Jeju Island by taking snap photoshoots from professional photographers. With an English-speaking local professional photographer, you’ll double your experience by capturing stunning moments at the right time, place, and mood. You’ll also receive both original and edited photo files to share with your loved ones.

2. Dazzling Light Garden

What better way to make a romantic mood than with a light? Jeju Light Garden is located in Aewol-eup, where you can find many trendy cafes and restaurants. Spend your daytime there, and just come over to the dazzling romantic garden! Don’t forget to take a picture with the love swan, the most famous lightning sculpture. You can also enjoy a romantic meal and refreshing beer surrounded by sparkling lights.

3. Unique Attractions in Jeju

1) Interesting Museums for Children

At Jeju Fairy and Woodsman Theme Park, you can travel back in time and find out what Korea was like in the 1960~70s. Try old school uniforms and take photos while sitting in the classroom. It offers 15 different kinds of exhibitions, including traditional Korean games and a miniature model of the old Seoul Station! 

Moomin Land Jeju is the ultimate destination for Moomin fans. It’s the biggest Moomin-themed venue in Korea. Opened in 2020, there is an iconic 10-meter-high Moomin house, interesting indoor exhibitions, decorations, art workshops, and an outdoor garden to explore. Moreover, at the Moomin cafe and gift shop, you can enjoy Moomin-themed food and purchase irresistibly cute Moomin merchandise.

Sanyang Keuneonggot is a beautifully restored forest park adorned with fairytale-like props. It refers to a forest with deep canyons rather than a flat terrain. It is a lesser-known attraction in Jeju that is beloved by photographers for its peaceful and enchanting atmosphere. Take charming photos in every corner including the house of Snow White and a forest railroad.

Gimnyeong Maze Park is the first make park in South Korea featuring evergreen Leylandii cypresses that maintain their lush greenery throughout the four seasons. It’s a fun place to compete with a friend to see who makes it out of the maze first! Also, it’s a perfect place for cat lovers, as the grounds are also home to dozens of adorable cats.

2) Museums for Art Lovers

Bonte Museum is a must-visit museum in Jeju Island if you love art. Designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, Tadao Ando, it displays classic and modern artwork of both local and international artists. It has a total of 4 galleries and an outside garden, each displaying different types of artwork.

Nohyung Supermarket is a large-scale unique and mystical media art exhibition in Jeju Island The exhibition centers around Forgotten Doors that lead into an alternate world. The door absorbs all colors, leaving the Nohyung Supermarket in black and white. Beyond the doors are different halls with a surge of magical colors and lights that will captivate your senses!

Themed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian painter, architect, and environmentalist, the Hundertwasser Park is a leisurely-designed cultural complex consisting of the Hundertwasser Museum, Hundertwasser Hills Resort, galleries, and cafes. Visit this unique space and immerse into the artist’s philosophy, artwork as well as Udo’s natural beauty!

4. Animal-Friendly Experience

1) Horse-Riding Experience

Horse riding is one of the most popular activities on Jeju Island. Hop on the back of a horse through the open fields and enjoy the picturesque scenery of some of the most famous landmarks in Jeju Island, such as Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) and Hallasan Mountain. Clear panoramic views and exhilarating air will make you feel refreshed.  

2) Dolphin-Watching Experience

Hamo Beach is the less known beach to tourists but it’s considered to have the clearest water in Jeju Island, which makes it a perfect spot for dolphin watching. This tour will take you to the best spots for dolphin sighting on a cute dolphin-shaped boat. You’ll get an up-close view of dolphins swimming in a safe and respectful manner under the guidance of local guides who are familiar with the behavior of dolphins.

3) Jeju Sheep Farm

Jeju Sheep Farm is a great place to get friendly with lovely animals. You can spend time interacting with farm animals, such as sheep, goats, pigs, horses, deer, and more. In addition, it offers a chance to enjoy a caffe latte made of fresh sheep milk. Breathe in the fresh Jeju air and stroll across the expansive pasture at the ranch!

5. Heal Your Body and Soul

1) Foot Bath

Here are some attractions where you can chill out while walking around the beautiful and tranquil spaces. Jeju Island is well known to have relaxing foot bath cafes where you can let your feet rest for a while and enjoy the healing moment with a sip of tea. The Healing Time lets you relax and relieve your stress with a self-foot bath, which is great for blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

You can also enjoy a relaxing foot bath at Jeju Herh Garden, also known as Herb Dongsan, located in Seogwipo City. This peaceful garden is filled with refreshing herbal scents that calm your mind and body. The garden lights up with LED lights creating a vivid scene in the evening.

2) Hueree Natural Park

Jeju Hueree Natural Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Jeju Island. You will get to discover the diverse wildlife of Jeju Island and learn about traditional Jeju customs and the locals’ lifestyle while walking around this park. Also, dip your feet into the relaxing hot spring known for its high iron and mineral content!

3) Sanbangsan Mountain Carbonate Hot Springs

Don’t miss out on soothing your body at Sanbangsan Mountain Carbonate Hot Springs! With both indoor and outdoor areas, you can enjoy the unique hot spring where you dip yourself in a tub of naturally carbonated water. There is also Jjimjilbang (Korean Sauna), where you can sweat inside hot sauna rooms similar to the ones featured in K-dramas. 

4) Relaxation Therapy Experience

Indulge in a well-deserved treat for your body and soul after a day of exploration in Jeju. Therapy Shangri-La invites you to experience the pinnacle of relaxation with the best massage, including foot care therapy, sports therapy, and aroma oil therapy.

6. Fun Ways of Exploring Jeju

Do you want to explore Jeju Island with exciting transportation? Then, Electric Scooter will give you the answer! With an electric scooter, you can explore Jeju Island in the most stylish way. The scooter will conveniently be delivered and picked up to your accommodation so you can avoid the hassles of having to pick it up and return it. Also, it’s an eco-friendly way to travel around Jeju Island!

There are also 3 types of bicycles for either a relaxing tour or hardcore cycling, which are MTB, road bike, and electric bike. You can rent these bikes at the closest bike rental shop from Jeju International Airport, which is only a 10-minute walk (300 meters). 

7. Exciting New Leisure Concept

If you are looking for something more dynamic, UTV is highly recommended. Jeju Island is one of the best places for off-road activities because it has many hills. You can jump in a super-fast buggy car and ride on the rough and wild terrain. Protective equipment is free of charge so enjoy the speed exploding your adrenaline! 

Jeju Leports Land is also highly recommended for the best go-karting experience in Jeju Island! There are two courses you can enjoy: a hill course and a grass course with a fun turn (U-turn and P-turn). It offers premium Italian-made go-karts so don’t worry about safety!

LAFLY Zipline in Jeju, located within a green tea theme park called Jeju LAF, offers a thrilling zipline experience with 4 different-themed zipline courses to complete in 25 minutes. Admire the beautiful nature of Jeju in a most exciting way!

8. Unique Shows & Performances

Jeju Sky Water Show at Jeju Art Land is a visually stunning performance featuring a talented cast from China and Russia. It combines breathtaking aerial acrobatics with impressive water and light displays. It’s a non-verbal show that everyone can enjoy and is highly recommended to family travelers.

Arirang Hon Taekwondo Martial Art Show is a dynamic performance that combines martial arts, dance, and percussion for a multi-sensory experience. Feel the energy and passion of the performers as they demonstrate their skills on stage!

At Jeju Art Circus, you’ll get to see professional performers stage aerial silk moves, juggling, diablo ticks, and much more! This circus is a perfect way to enjoy a good laugh and be surprised at epic stunts regardless of age.

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