Visit Vivaldi Park to enjoy skiing and snowboarding during the winter in Korea!

Hello, Trazers! Greetings from a member of Trazy Crew!

Last time, I tried skiing at Phoenix Park for the first time in my life, which was crazy fun. And now, skiing has become one of my favorite outdoor activities.

But nowadays, young and hip Koreans are hooked on more “trendy” sports like snowboarding.

So this time, I headed to Vivaldi Park, or Vivaldi Park Ski World, run by Daemyung Resort.

If you want to visit Vivaldi Park Ski Resort during winter in Korea, let this be your guide!

Vivaldi Park at a Glance

Vivaldi Park, which is known as the most visited ski resort in Korea, constantly upgrades its facilities and amenities to cater to various needs. For its trendy restaurants and stylish buildings, Vivaldi Park claims to be the most fashionable resort in Korea that is beloved by the local younger set in particular.

The ski resort boasts the largest lodging facility in the country and offers a wide range of accommodation options – enjoy more than just the slopes. Moreover, the slopes are open from 8:30 am until 5:00 am, making Vivaldi Park a great choice for weekday skiing or night skiing.

  • Location: Hongcheon, Gangwon-do
  • Travel time from Seoul: 1hr 30 mins
  • Number of slopes: 12
  • Number of ski lifts: 10 (including gondola)
  • 23/24 Opening date: Click here 

Tips & Advice

1. Don’t Figure Out Your Way to the Resort by Yourself

Just like the last time when I visited Phoenix Park, I joined a one-day tour because I found it very, very convenient.

I’ve done both independent travel and package tours, but I personally prefer tour packages over independent travel as they take all the hassle out of the trip.

And since there are so many ski resorts in Korea, the tour package can save you time researching and comparing the prices, from ski lift passes to equipment rental and many more things that you need to deal with when planning your ski trip!

Seriously, these ski or snowboard tour packages can really save you time and cost. To book a one-day tour to Vivaldi Park in Korea, click here.

When booking, there are different options for you to enjoy: Ski, Snowboard, and Snow Sled for non-skiers.

I chose the Snowboard option since I already tried skiing last time at Phoenix Park. Pick whichever you’d like to try this winter – all of them are fun!

See what’s included in the one-day tour:

  • Round-trip transportation
  • Lift pass (lift+gondola+moving walk / 10:30am ~ 4:30pm) (optional)
  • Round-trip gondola ride to Snowy Land (optional)
  • Snowy Land entrance ticket (optional)
  • Ski/snowboard equipment rental (optional)
  • Snow sled rental (optional)
  • Ski clothes rental (optional)
  • 1-hour ski/snowboard lesson (optional)

*Helmets (KRW 3,000) and goggles (KRW20,000) are available for rent on-site, cash only. For more info, click here.

2. Select an Option That Suits Your Needs!

If you’re a complete beginner, we highly recommend you take a lesson since skiing and snowboarding are a lot more difficult than it looks.

There are many options you can choose from for the Vivaldi Park 1 Day Tour. If you are not sure which options to go for, check out this list and pick the perfect option for you!

Vivaldi Park Ski Resort non-ski/snowboard options

– For those who want to enjoy snow sledding 👉 Snow Sled (Snowy Land) Only

Vivaldi Park Ski Resort ski/snowboard options

– If you don’t need a lesson but need equipment 👉 Ski Equipment & Clothes Rental + Lift Pass
– Those of you who are looking for lessons to start off 👉 Private Ski/Snowboard Lesson
– If you want to just pack up and enjoy Winter hassle-free 👉 Ski/Snowboard Lesson + Lift Pass + Equipment/Clothes Rental
– Need extra lessons before hitting the slopes? 👉 1 Day Ski/Snowboard/Snow Sled Tour

Book Vivaldi Park Ski Resort’s hassle-free ski packages from Seoul

That’s a lot of options you can choose from. Now you may be wondering, what exactly is the difference between Beginner Ski Lessons and Intermediate Ski Lessons? We’ve made a clear guideline so that you can determine whether you are a beginner or an intermediate-level skier, which is helpful in deciding which options to choose from the 1 Day tour to Vivaldi Park.

As a Beginner, you will be taught the following and have to be able to do them:

Beginner Ski Lesson

  • Learn the names of ski equipment & roles
  • Learn how and be able to put on a ski on your own
  • Warm-up – slide by one leg with a ski plate
  • Learn how to fall down and stand back up safely
  • Figure out how to slow down by making the A-shape and moving on a flat area
  • Study the basics of changing directions
  • Learn how to stop immediately on an easy slope & take the ski lift safely

If you have mastered these, you are eligible to tread through the Intermediate Skier course, in which you will learn the following:

Intermediate Ski Lesson

  • Warm-up – slide or skate on flat ground / make an A-shape and stop
  • Take the ski lift and go up the slope
  • Getting used to sliding and stopping on top of the slope
  • Learn how to change directions – ‘Pflug Bogen’ – basic turning whilst keeping A-shape
  • Using weight shifting technique to change direction
  • Learn how to do the Parallel – gather ski plates after turning
  • Practice lifting one leg in the air and keeping balance whilst turning
  • Putting on skis on the intermediate slope

I hope that clears the confusion about the difference between beginner-level and intermediate-level skiing! I hope you can go through these lessons and become an Advanced level skier in no time! Good luck!

If you want to get more grips on the slopes, you should absolutely choose a private lesson package, where you’ll learn all the basics in detail. But if you are an expert, simply select the option without lessons and go straight to the slopes! ⛷

For those who are staying at Vivaldi Park overnight, book this private night ski/snowboard lesson in English. A friendly instructor will take pictures and videos of you during the lesson so that you can take a special memory home.

3. Pick the Less Crowded Days

When I arrived at Vivaldi Park, the ski resort was bustling with people even though I visited on Friday. Due to the ski crowds and long queues, it took a while for me to rent the clothes.

The clothing must be returned to the rental shop by 4:30 pm, so when you consider that and the amount of time you have to enjoy the slopes (and possible delays due to long queues and such), it’s a good idea to go on a day other than Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Personally, I advise you to steer clear of the weekends and stick to going on a weekday if you want to avoid the crowd.

4. Use the Changing Room in the Equipment Rental Area

If you decide to go alone, use the changing room in the ski/snowboard equipment rental area (located across from the building where you rent ski clothes).

Personally, I don’t recommend the changing room near the ski clothes rental area at Vivaldi Park inconvenient.

There are no separate sections to change clothes, which means you will have to change with all the female visitors at the resort.

But you don’t need to worry if you take the tour package because you will first drop by a rental shop near the ski resort to change into your ski/snowboard clothes and then head to the resort. The changing rooms are not super upscale, but at least you won’t have to rush at this place.

Recommended Packages for ski equipment/clothes rental:

5. Don’t Miss Out on the Eateries!

Vivaldi Park is a ski resort where the food’s as good as the slopes, and you don’t want to miss a thing here.

Not only you can find food trucks, a food court, restaurants, cafes, and food stalls at the Main Center building, but there is also a separate underground complex called Viva Plex (near the entrance of the Main Center) where you can find various dining places that offer more than casual eateries.

So even though the lunch meal is not provided in the tour packages, there is something for everyone at Vivaldi Park and I personally prefer them without a lunch meal since you will want to try every treat and food offered here.

6. Take Advantage of the Lift Pass

If you’re not that into skiing or snowboarding, I strongly recommend you use the lift pass and try riding the gondola up to the peak, which offers an amazing panoramic view of the entire resort and the surrounding winter landscapes. The 8-seater gondola takes you up to the peak in about 7 minutes and what more can I say? Try and see them for yourself!

We offer you the option to choose the Gondola Package in Vivaldi Park which takes you all the way up to the top of the ski slope to just enjoy sightseeing, for those of you who don’t feel like skiing or snowboarding.

7. Choose the Right Slope for Your Level

Vivaldi Park has 12 slopes in total – 2 for beginners, 5 for intermediate to upper-intermediate, 4 for advanced, and 1 for the experts.

If you are a beginner, go for the Blues and Ballad courses. The Blues slope is wide and has slight inclines, making it perfect for beginners to practice on.

In contrast, the Ballad slope has a few steep inclines but they aren’t super intimidating. However, I was too terrified to even attempt snowboarding down it so I just went down the Blues slope twice. But my friend who was also a beginner attempted it though!

If you are an advanced skier, hit the Rock Course, a 590m-long slope with an incline of 28 degrees. For those who want to practice and elevate their skiing to a higher level, Classic Course can be your best option as the slope is not as steep as other intermediate or advanced slopes.

8. Make Sure You Check out Snowy Land!

Recently, the entire snow-sledding area of Vivaldi Park has been remodeled into a theme park which is now called “Snowy Land”. Built with 4 unique sledding slopes and numerous thrilling winter attractions and rides. Snowy Land is something you DO NOT want to miss when you’re in Vivaldi Park, especially if you are traveling with family. This will be a perfect place to enjoy the snow with kids.

Snowy Land’s 4 main sledding slopes are Rafting Sleigh Slope, Snowy Racing, Kids Sleigh Slope, and Family Sleigh Slope. Snowy Racing has two types of slopes, a 20-degree-slope & a 30-degree-slope. Since a 30-degree slope is steeper, only people taller than 130cm can ride on it. If you need a place to take a rest and warm up your body, stop by Igloo Rest Zone where you can sit down and enjoy some food!

When the sun sets, Snowy Land becomes a magical place as candlelights illuminate the ‘Snow Light Street’ and turn into a totally different place, making it a great photo spot! Stop wasting time and get your tickets right here!

Find out more about Vivaldi Park Snowy Land here!

9. Spark Your Romance!

Last but not least, Vivaldi Park was featured in some of the scenes from the latest Korean drama called “The Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS)“, starring famous Korean actor and actress, Jun Ji-hyun (Sim Chung) and Lee Min-ho (Heo Joon-jae).

In Episode 6, Sim Chung asks Heo Joon-jae to take her somewhere with snow and the two enjoy skiing on the slopes at the resort!

Whether you are a K-drama enthusiast or not, the snowy slopes and the beautiful scenery around Vivaldi Park make it the perfect spot to turn up the heat on your romance.

Did you get some ideas on how to plan your trip to Vivaldi Park? Then start planning!

👇 Book Vivaldi Park 1-Day Tours!

👇 Book Vivaldi Park Transfer Service!

👇 Plan Overnight Stay at Vivaldi Park!

Finally, watch this video below to see how much crazy fun Trazy Crew had fun at Vivaldi Park!

To find more winter tours and ski packages, make sure you visit, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop!

Photo Credits:
Vivaldi Park Ski Resort Official Website

44 thoughts on “Guide to Vivaldi Park Ski Resort | Review & Tips

  1. Hi! Were planning to go there in May. Do they offer ski/Snowboarding during that month or during winter season only? Thank you

    1. Hi Joanna Lopez! Unfortunately, the Vivaldi Ski/Snowboard Resort will operate during winter season. (~02/28) Thank you!

  2. Hi, I’m from Malaysia..should l buy the 1 day ski tour package online before l reach Seoul of buy the tickets when l touch down in Korea. Which tour package u recommend

    1. Hello Mac, most of the tours uploaded requires the customer to book at least 3 days in advance. We recommend you to check the booking due from the booking page. Also, during the Olympics, many ski resorts will be restricted to the public. Check out the tours that are available during your visit from this link:

    1. Hi Desmond,
      Ski tour packages will be available to book again from this coming September! Please make sure to get back to us when the weather starts to get cold 😀

      1. hi, we will be going also at Vivaldi Snowland come December 2018, but only my Daughter will have Ski/Lesson, but we will be going with her at the resort to watch her. shall we only pay the entrance fee?how much?

        1. Hello Jocelyn 🙂
          There’s no entrance fee to the ski resort itself. You will be able to watch the ski lesson near the area 🙂

  3. Hi Trazy,

    Nice for the great sharing!
    May I know the rental amount details for ski clothes, boot, gloves?
    I can do the rent when i reach there ya?

    1. Hi Irene,
      Most of the day ski tours already include the rental for ski clothes and boot. You can bring your own glove or rent on-site. Once you arrive at the ski resort, the staff will assist you to get one for your size 🙂

    1. Hi Gieselle 🙂
      As the winter season in Korea starts in December, most of the ski resorts open in mid-December until February. Considering your visit date, we recommend you to check out the links below for some of the tours that you may be interested in.
      – Mini Apple Picking + Pocheon Herb Island + Pocheon Art Valley 1 Day Tour:
      – Nami Island + Everland 1 Day Tour:
      – DMZ Tour:

  4. Hi there,
    We are reaching Seoul 29 Nov 2018. Planning to go skiing 2D1N on the 5-6 Dec . Will there be snow already ? Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      You can book the Vivaldi ski resort during that period on our website but we cannot guarantee if it will be snowing at the time. Also, since the skiing activity is highly dependant on the weather, the ski resort might open later than expected or the number of the slopes that are operated is subject to be changed.

  5. I want to book a night stay for family of 4 persons … with 1-2 hours ski lessons … from 20/12/2018 to 21/12/2018 ???

  6. Hi,

    I will be going to Vivaldi on January 2019 with my husband and my 19 months kid. Both my husband and I want to ski. Can I bring my kid to the ski area ?

    1. Hi Deela! In order to enter the skiing area, everyone has to be fully equipped. Also, the minimum age for skiing activity is from 40 months old. If you have a child who’s under this age, we recommend you to visit Snowyland in Vivaldi Park where you can snow sled and do other multiple activities using snow.

  7. Do we have to pay for entrance fee when visit the Vivaldi Park Ski Resort? I don’t plan for skiing, I would like to get on lift/gondola ride for the view

  8. Hi, Trazy. What if aside from purchasing the 1D Snow Sled package, we also want to ride the gondola to the top of ski slope — is it possible? do you also offer a gondola ride ticket only? Thanks

    1. Hi Jasmin! In Vivaldi Park, there are 2 types of gondola. One you take so you can go to the Snowyland where you can snow sled and the other one that takes you to the top of the ski slope. The latter one allows you to do the sightseeing and see the entire scenery of the ski resorts. If you purchase the Gondola ticket only package, it includes the Gondola ride ticket that goes up to the ski slope for one round trip.

    1. Hi, Ceci! Vivaldi Park package will be open again this winter. Please keep following and contact us again in December. 🙂

  9. Hi, when will the opening dates for 2019/2020 be available, as we would like to visit the park in the week of 25 Nov 2019?

    1. Hi Mandy Ong! The details of the opening date have not been announced yet. Please keep following us. 🙂

  10. Hi there ! May I know the period of time when the hotel accommodation and ski packages are opened for online booking?

  11. Hello, do you have an email I could send my queries too? Our family is looking at a package or combination of packages for 1-2 nights at Vivaldi. Thank you.

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