Vivaldi Park is the most-visited snow park in Korea. Recently, Snowy Land, one of the facilities in the park, has become the trendiest destination to go to in winter, especially for those who are with children! The Snowy Land is a family-friendly snow town to experience various winter activities. If you want to try some winter activities but have a fear of skiing, this wonderland is the best place for you! Follow this guide to see the fun things you can do here!

Snowy Land is a kingdom of snow, also the top and largest snow town in Korea! It’s located in Vivaldi Park with different kinds of sleigh slopes and winter sports zones. The best part is that families can enjoy all these incredible facilities together. Come and create unforgettable memories with your beloved ones!

Let’s meet Snowy, the host of the village first! The Snowy is a fairy who lives in Snowy Land. He’s always energetic and loves to make people happy by making puffy white snow. You will be welcomed by him when you arrive, don’t forget to take a picture with the lovely Snowy.

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Map and Facilities

The snow village offers various activities to experience, including 4 major slopes, 2 snow slopes, a playground, an igloo rest zone, a snowflake tunnel, and more.

Rafting Sleigh SlopeSnowy RacingKids Sleigh SlopeFamily Sleigh Slope
20 degrees30 degrees
36 months ~109cmAllowed with ParentsNot AllowedNot AllowedAllowed with ParentsAllowed with Parents
110cm ~ preschoolAllowedAllowedNot AllowedAllowedAllowed with Parents

1) Rafting Sleigh Slope


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Enjoy ice rafting with your beloved ones! Feel the sheer excitement while you ride the boat down the slope. This is one of the most popular slopes in the village.

2) Snowy Racing

There are two Snow Racing slopes, one in 20 degrees and the other in 30 degrees. Grab your wheel and slide down the slope you want to experience. Indulge in the fun of speedy racing!

3) Kids Sleigh Slope


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Children over 110cm-high can sled without parents at Kids Sleigh Slope. Three-year-old children are allowed to experience it with a parent.

4) Family Sleigh Slope

Parents can experience snow sledding with their children at Family Sleigh Slope. Children over 130cm are allowed to enjoy the slope themselves.

Apart from the main slopes, there are many other parts to have fun in the snow village!

Experience winter sports game like ice hockey!


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Play around with Pororo and his friends.

At night, go through the Snowflake Tunnel.

Feel the romance while you walk through the candle street with your beloved ones.

Hassle-Free Packages to Snowy Land:

1) Hassle-free 1 day packages

If you want to enjoy the snow village to the fullest and experience skiing and snow sledding together, here is an option for you.

⛄ 1 Day Ski/Snowboard/Snowy Land Snow Sled Tour: Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

⛄ (CHN/ENG) 1 Day Ski/Snowboard/Snowy Land Tour: Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

2) Tour with Nearby Attractions

If you want to enjoy all the must-visit attractions in one day, here are some Snowy Land packages with 1-2 popular winter destinations for you!

Nami Island:

Nami Island is a must-visit attraction when visiting Korea. It is romantic and fabulous in winter! Feel the ethereal atmosphere and admire the gorgeous natural landscapes. Don’t forget to take some instagrammable pictures at the photo-worthy spots, such as Cheongdam Lantern Lane, Metasequoia Lane, White Birch Lane, and Elysian Garden.

Vivaldi Park Snowy Land Snow Sled + Nami Island 1 Day Tour

Strawberry Picking:

Strawberries are a must-try fruit in Korea, and strawberry picking is one of the most popular winter activities among Koreans and tourists. Pick some fresh, sweet, and juicy strawberries and bring them home with you!

Vivaldi Park Ski/Snowboard/Snowy Land + Strawberry Picking  1 Day Tour

Strawberry Picking & Ski/Snowboard/Snowy Land Tour from Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

2D1N Snowy Land & Strawberry Picking Tour: Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

Garden of Morning Calm:

After experiencing winter activities and strawberry picking at the farm, take a stroll at the Garden of Morning Calm. Admire the dazzling lights that illuminate the garden.

Gapyeong Private 1 Day Tour from/to Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

Hwacheon Ice Fishing:

How about some ice fishing in Hwacheon, at one of Korea’s most famous annual winter events where you can enjoy a myriad of ice-related activites.

Nami Island/Alpaca World/Hwacheon Ice Fishing Tour from Vivaldi Park Ski Resort (Dec 4~Feb 23)

Alpaca World:

Take a trip to Alpaca World to catch these cuties in action. Feed and pet the alpacas while taking in the gorgeous view of nature all around in the winter.

Nami Island/Alpaca World/Hwacheon Ice Fishing Tour from Vivaldi Park Ski Resort (Dec 4~Feb 23)

3) Overnight Packages:

What about a winter getaway trip? Join a trip well-planned trip, the only thing that you and your family have to do is enjoy Kores’s winter! You will get to have fun at the Snowy Land for a whole day, experience the high-quality facilities, and have a tight sleep in the comfy room at Vivaldi Park.

For those who want to spend more time to explore Vivaldi Park Ski Resort and feel the excitement of skiing:

2D1N Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

3D2N/4D3N Ski Tour: Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

Room Only: Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

4) Transportation to Vivaldi Park

Whatever way you’re going to spend your time at Vivaldi Park, you’re going to need some form of transportation to get all the way to Hongcheon.

That’s why we recommend you take the shuttle bus option which can pick you up from either Hongik University Station or Eulji-ro 1-ga Station, or opt for the hassle-free private transfer.

Vivaldi Park Shuttle Bus

Vivaldi Park Private Transfer

5) Customized Packages at Vivaldi Park

Last but not least, if you’re looking to mix and match these options for a package tour to Vivaldi Park made just for you, take a look at these choices!

Ski/Snowboard Lift Pass + Equipment/Clothes Rental/Basic Lesson Package: Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

Private Ski/Snowboard Lesson + Lift Pass + Equipment/Clothes Rental Package: Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

Private Night Ski/Snowboard Lesson + Lift Pass + Equipment/Clothes Rental Package: Vivaldi Park

Private Night Ski/Snowboard Lesson: Vivaldi Park (Lesson Only)

Check out this blog to find out more about Vivaldi Park Ski Resort and finally, watch the video below to see how Trazy Crew had fun at Vivaldi Park!

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