WATER BOMB Festival is one of the most popular and iconic annual summer festivals in Korea. It has all the fun elements of water gun fight, live performances of all-star lineup, and fun games in/around the swimming pool. It is held in the main cities of Korea, including Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Incheon, Daejeon, and Gwangju.

Before going to the festival, check out the special tips and the highlights of the festival that will let you enjoy the event to the fullest!

Highlights of the Festival

1. Music & Performances

WATER BOMB is famous for featuring the hottest and trendiest artists in Korea! It is a fabulous chance to see the live performances of your favorite K-pop & Hip-hop stars and world-class DJs. This year, Zico, Crush, Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Mike Perry, HyunA, Chungha performed in Seoul and WINNER, Jessi, Zico, Crush, Superbee performed in Busan. The Quiett, Beenzino, Simon Dominic, Gray, Woo Won Jae will perform in Daegu on the 17th of August. Who’s already excited about the next year’s line-up?

2. Team Battle Water Fighting

One of the excitements of WATER BOMB is the Team Battle Water Fighting! Teams are divided into two by its signature color and you will get your signature team-colored towel at the entrance. Although you will end up water fighting with anyone regardless of your team color, you will have a lot of fun as if you are going back to childhood.

3. Water Bomb Time

Water cannons are fired every 30 minutes, which is the so-called Water Bomb Time! It maximizes the thrill and immediately cools off the summer heat. You will get absolutely drenched and feel like you are at a water park!

4. Water Bomb Pool

WATER BOMB offers a variety of attractions with different themes and attractions. The swimming pool is one of those attractions, where you can watch a show, enjoy water fighting, or relax in a pool. Moreover, you can participate in the game shows to win prizes and leave unforgettable memories!

5. Beach Lounges & Photo Zones

If you need a place to relax for a while, there is a Beach Lounge Zone that is surrounded by tropical decorations. You will feel as if you are on a luxurious vacation outside the city.

If you want to leave an instagrammable picture with your friends, don’t forget to stop by a photo zone that is also decorated with tropical designs!

Helpful Tips to Enjoy WATER BOMB

1. What to Wear

Since it is a festival that will make you totally soaked, it’s important to choose the right outfit. You can wear anything you want but if you are worried about getting wet, feel free to wear swimwear. Many people wear a swimsuit or a bikini with shorts. Also, it is better to wear sandals instead of sneakers. Although the festival is held in summer, prepare a long sleeve shirt or cardigan because you might feel a bit chilly in the evening. 

If you want something more extra, put on tattoo stickers or wear unique costumes like Halloween. Don’t forget to wear waterproof make up to make your makeup stay until the end of the festival!

2. What to Bring

There are 4 things that you MUST prepare before WATER BOMB: a waterproof bag, a water goggle, a towel, and of course, a water gun.

First, if you want to take pictures with your phone during the festival, a waterproof bag will be super useful. The touch screen will still work inside the bag! Second, if you want to get involved in a water gun fight more actively, wearing a water goggle will be really convenient! It protects your eyes so you can more freely shoot water to other people. Third, don’t forget to bring your own towel so that you don’t catch a cold after the festival. Most importantly, bringing a water gun is essential! You can buy one at the festival venue but it is usually more expensive. I recommend you to get one online and choose the one you can fill in more water to reduce the hassle of keep going to a water faucet.

3. What to Eat

There are a lot of food trucks where you can choose a variety of food and drinks, such as hot dogs, shrimps, steak, beer, gin & tonic, and many more. To get the food you want, you have to download a QR code that connects you to the website where you can order food! After ordering food, you just have to go to the food truck you have ordered and show them your confirmation number. 

4. More Tips

If you need a locker to store your stuff, you have to book a locker in advance on the Water Bomb official website. However, it can be extremely crowded on the way to pick up your stuff after the festival so I suggest you to just simply bring your own backpack.

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