Okay, you visited the palaces, shopping malls, and ate great cuisines in Seoul during the day. Now what? Well, let me introduce you to some of the breathtaking views and activities at night in Seoul that will blow you away!

1. 3 Spots to Enjoy the Mesmerizing Night View of Seoul

1) Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky

  • Location: Jamsil Station

The Lotte World Tower is the tallest building in Korea and ranked 5th in the world. Ride the fascinating elevator all the way up to the top and you will be able to see the different sides of Seoul’s night sky at a glance. The beautiful lights of the city will leave you speechless. 

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2) N Seoul Tower Observatory

  • Location: Yongsan-gu

N Seoul Tower is standing tall at the heart of Seoul. When you get to the top level of the N Tower, you are greeted with a full view of Seoul at night. The observatory also shows you how far and in which direction other cities around the world are. You can get to discover Namsan Park and get to N Seoul Tower with an evening tour to not leave a single experience behind. 

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3) 63 Building

  • Location: Yeouido

At the top of the 63 Building, you can enjoy the view of Seoul after the sun goes down. All the traffic and office lights will make you feel like you are high up in the clouds looking down at the stars. After you catch your breath from the fantastic night view, you can also visit 63 Sky Art to enjoy the view along with some art from international artists and Aqua Planet 63 to explore the ocean like never before!

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2. Chillaxing Time on the Han River

1) Han River E-Land Ferry Cruise

  • Location: Yeouido or Jamsil

As one of the top tours to do in Seoul, take a relaxing cruise on the Han River. It is one of the best ways to sit back and enjoy the sights of Seoul. On this cruise, you will be able to see a lot of famous landmarks. If you enjoy kicking back and just seeing what Seoul has to offer, you should definitely check it out. 

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You can also hop aboard a luxurious ferry for a 1.5-hour dinner or lunch cruise and admire the beautiful scenery of the Han River! A 3-course meal and semi-buffet with 20 different food will be served on the cruise.

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2) Han River Kayaking/Paddle Boarding/Windsurfing

  • Location: Ttukseom Han River Park

Work up a sweat by kayaking, paddle boarding, or windsurfing on the Han River. As you are paddling you can see the city that is laid out all around you. During your ride, you will be greeted by a magnificent sunset and the view that you enjoyed suddenly changes into something totally different, almost as if you were in a different place. They also provide basic lessons, so you don’t have to worry about being a first-timer. Enjoy an exciting ride in the Han River today!

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3. Night Tours in Seoul

1) Seoul at Night: Special City Night Tour


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eyesmagazine(@eyesmag)님의 공유 게시물

  • Private Tour Route: Namsangol Hanok Village ⇒ N Seoul Tower ⇒ Seoullo 7017 ⇒ Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Explore Seoul and its beauty at night with the Special City Night Tour! You can visit 4 must-see places and hear their interesting stories from an English-speaking guide. It is a very straightforward and hassle-free tour with pickup and drop-off at your accommodation of choice. Experience and learn all about Seoul on foot with this great tour!

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2) Gwangjang Market Night Tour


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  • Group Tour Route: Cheonggycheon Stream ⇒ Gwangjang Market ⇒ Changgyeonggung Palace ⇒ Naksan Mark 

Gwangjang Market is a local market that offers an array of traditional street food and snacks. With this ultimate evening tour, you’ll get to explore four of the best places to experience Seoul a night, including Cheonggyecheon Stream, Gwangjang Market, Changgyeonggung Palace, and Naksan Park. Enjoy the bustling atmosphere at Gwangjang Market and take in the breathtaking night view of Seoul while walking along the ancient city wall in Naksan Park!

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3) Euljiro Night Food Tour


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Nam Gisu(@namnami70)님의 공유 게시물

  • Tour Route: Beer in Euljiro Nogari Alley ⇒ Have Korea BBQ for dinner ⇒ Daelim Plaza ⇒ Cheonggyecheon Stream ⇒ Gwangjang Market

Euljiro is an old industrial district that has evolved into a trendy spot for young locals. On this tour, you’ll get to wander around the tourist track and go to old alleys and restaurants in Euljiro. Learn about the history of Euljiro and how to enjoy the late-night snack culture like a true local!

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4) Changgyeonggung Palace Night Walking Tour

Changgyeonggung Palace is one of the Five Grand Palaces of the Joseon Dynasty. Stroll around the illuminated palace grounds and gardens of Changgyeonggung, the only palace that is open for nighttime viewing all year round. An English-speaking tour guide, a Chinese-speaking tour guide (on Fridays only), an audio receiver & earphones, and entrance fees are all included.

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5) Seoul Night Hiking Tour

Follow the enchanting lights of Seoul on a night hike by joining Seoul Night Hiking Tour! This tour offers a number of different locations and combinations for you to choose from, such as Naksan Park, Eungbongsan, Yongyangbong Peak, Nodeul Island, Banpo Bridge, and Hongje Yuyeon. Learn about the history of Seoul at each site from a professional English-speaking guide!

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6) Seoul Nightlife Tour: Pub Crawl

  • Location: Itaewon or Hongdae

Seoul is busy during the day, with all the people going to where they need to be, but when the sun goes down, that’s when Seoul’s nightlife starts to get interesting. People living in Seoul know how to party and you have a chance to experience it all! Depending on the day of your choosing, you will be able to go to the trendiest places, mingle with people from all over the world, and have a blast!

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4. When the Sun Goes Down at Gangnam

1) International Pub Party in Gangnam

  • Location: GSM Terrace

Are you ready to party at one of the most famous spots in the world? The place where PSY’s globally hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ is based, is one of the hottest spots in Seoul. If you want an enjoyable night out to interact with many different people, you should definitely consider partying out at the international pub party in Gangnam.

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2) Seoul Food & Nightlife: Discover the Hidden Gem of Gangnam 

  • Location: Sinnonhyeon Station

If you are in the southern part of the Han River and looking for a great night out with English-speaking locals, this is the tour for you. Learn and experience the daily pleasures of the locals. You will be guided to eat local dinners, snacks, and most definitely some Korean alcohol. Find out what Seoul food and nightlife are all about!

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5. Take Night Photoshoot Among the Vibrant City Lights

Make your beautiful memories in Seoul last an eternity with a professional snap photoshoot! You can choose from a range of top landmarks in Seoul, including Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, DDP, and many more. You can also choose between a day or night photoshoot depending on the mood and atmosphere you want to create!

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