Come and celebrate Seoul Lantern Festival 2016 this November!

From Nov 4th (FRI) until 20th (SUN), the annual Seoul Lantern Festival will run from 5pm until 11pm daily. It will take about an hour to take a look around the entire venue.seoul-lantern-festival-2016-12For those of you visiting the festival for the first time, Seoul Lantern Festival has been held every year since 2009 and it is one of the most colorful festivals the city of Seoul offers. During the festival, you will be able to see hundreds of lanterns of all different shapes are displayed along the 1.2km Cheonggyecheon Stream.seoul-lantern-festival-2016-7This year’s theme is “Lightened Hangang River where history flows.” The Han River, meaning ‘large river’, is the lifeline of Seoul – the source of life that penetrates through Korea. It is a symbol of fertility as well as a good taste in the arts.seoul-lantern-festival-2016-10Visitors will be able to see fabulous lantern exhibitions and artworks that show the historical, cultural, and daily living features of the Han River and the stories surrounding it. Displays of Seoul’s surrounding areas in the past will also be exhibited.

lanternThis is the map of Cheonggyecheon Stream where you can enjoy the lantern festival.

As you can see, you can enter the stream from three places: Cheonggye Plaza, Sam-il Bridge, and Supyo Bridge. Because of the limited parking spaces, it’s highly advised that you use public transportation.

If you would like to go to Cheonggye Plaza, get off at Gwanghwamun Station (Line 5) Exit 5 or City Hall Station (Line 1, 2) Exit 4.

For Samil or Supyo Bridge, get off at Euljiro 3-Ga Station (Line 2, 3) Exit 1.

Other than lantern exhibition, there will be various hands-on programs and events where visitors can partake in during the festival period. Head over to Gwangtonggyo Bridge and Gwanggyo Bridge gallery if you want to participate!seoul-lantern-festival-2016-8The programs include putting up and floating wishing lanterns and writing your wishes for New Year.seoul-lantern-festival-2016-1If you want to put up your own wishing lantern, you can choose from three different types of lanterns: Square lantern (15,000 KRW), Hanji lantern (10,000 KRW) and Colored lantern (5,000 KRW). They will be put up on the underside of Gwanggyo Bridge and you can collect them on Nov 18~20. Prior registration is required on the website for this activity.

Alternatively, you can also write a wish on the outside cover of a lantern and float it along the waters of Cheonggyecheon. If you apply in advance, the ticket for the experience will cost 2,000 KRW and 3,000 KRW when purchased on-site. Redeem your wishing lanterns at the Gwanggyo Bridge gallery booth.wish paper.pngFinally, you can put up a colored piece of ‘hanji’, a Korean traditional paper, with your hopes and dreams for the ‘Year of the Chicken’ in 2017 written on it! They can be purchased at the Gwanggyo Bridge gallery booth for only 1,000 KRW!

If you would like to enjoy the Cheonggyecheon area after or before looking at the lanterns, here are some great options for you.Seoul Lantern Festival 2016 (13).jpgJongno Samgyetang : A renowned healthy chicken soup restaurant in Jongno. Known to be good for your stamina.
Jongno 3ga Pojang Macha Street: A street of outdoor food stalls. “Pojang Macha” means “tented wagon” in Korean. You can enjoy a delicious variety of street food that will warm you right up!jongno2Top Cloud: A sky lounge bar and restaurant located at the top of Jongno Tower. Offers a magnificent view of the Jongno skyline.jongno3

Hope you all enjoy the lantern festival to the fullest! Have a great time! 🙂

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