Night Walk in Jeonju (Aug 12~13 & Sept 30~Oct. 1)

background_4Known as the home of South Korean culture and history, hundreds of traditional Korean houses called ‘hanok’, and the birthplace of bibimbap, the city of Jeonju in the southwestern part of Korea, in Jeolla Province, will offer nighttime programs called “Walk in Jeonju (Heritage Night and Heritage Story)” to the public for the first time.

It will be a golden opportunity for visitors and travelers to take a look around the cultural properties of this historic city at night, most of which were open to the public only before sunset. So go ahead and mark these dates on your calendar, Aug 12~13 and Sept 30 and Oct 1.

There will be free outdoor performances such as Korean traditional dancing, light shows, Korean traditional opera about the history of Jeonju and film screenings at the rooftop of the National Intangible Heritage Center.2.jpgAnd of course, the most expected highlight of Jeonju’s special night tour programs is the modern art installation at the Pungnammun Gate, the only remaining gate of the Jeonju Fortress! You definitely have to see them with your own eyes!

Why Every Traveler Must Visit Jeonju in South Korea

13680050_970659599709438_680967293837947213_oJeonju ranked in 3rd place on Lonely Planet’s ‘Top Asia Spots for 2016” list. CNN refers the city as “The Best Taste City in Korea” and that it “features a historical setting, an artistic vibe and a culinary reputation“, which are some of the reasons why travelers must visit Jeonju.

Though it’s not widely known as the capital city, Seoul, or the second biggest city, Busan, because of plenty of attractions that Jeonju has to offer, this lesser-known city  of South Korea attracts more than 10 million visitors every year.전주 (2)In Jeonju, some of the popular attractions are the Hanok Village and the Jeondong Catholic Church, one of the famous catholic churches in Korea.793-1733781844793-6818623612Here’s a tip. There’s a pavilion called Omokdae on top of a hill, which is a great place for a walk and to take in the entire view of the Hanok Village. For details and directions, click here.160619And aforementioned, the city is well known for an authentic variety of street food-style bites, so you may want to take a look at our list of Top 7 Street Foods in Jeonju Hanok Village You Will Die For and try them during your trip.

How to get to Jeonju

There are several ways to travel from Seoul to Jeonju – by train, express bus, or via shuttle bus tour or a private van tour. Just choose the transportation according to your travel expenses and needs.

If you are planning to visit only Jeonju, buying your ticket for a round-trip is fine, but if you want to take a look around other cities and regions nearby, we recommend you to get KR Pass, which offers foreign travlers an unlimited access to standard class seats of trains in Korea.

To find more info about train travel in Korea, take a look at A Beginner’s Guide to Train Travel in South Korea.main_traffic_view_en

For independent travelers, here’s a map of Jeonju City for you:main_map_view_en.jpgAnd here are some of the Instagram pics that give you a glimpse into this wonderful city, Jeonju, in South Korea.

If you’ve never been to the Jeonju before, try to squeeze this fascinating city into your travel itinerary and join in these nighttime tour programs to make the most of your trip!

Still figuring out where to go and how to get there? If you are an individual traveler, just book our Jeonju Hanok Village Travel Lazy Package or 1 Day Group Tour (Tues/Fri) that will make your trip hassle-free. 😉

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