What’s Happening Now? Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market & 6 Tips to Enjoy It at Its Best

What’s HOT now in Seoul?

12068533_1005640312813266_1645805765828627534_oIn Seoul, there is an ongoing night market called ‘Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market‘.12087097_1005640046146626_7712115532074478585_oBam‘ means night in Korean and ‘Dokkaebiis a mythical creature from Korean fairy tales, which appears in the night and disappears in the day. Just like its name, this night market runs only during nighttime and is gone in the morning.bg1This unique night market is held every week on Fridays and Saturdays, from 18:00 until 23:00, from March to October in four different venues- Yeouido Hangang ParkDongdaemun Design Plaza, Cheonggye Plaza and Mokdong Stadium– each featuring its own theme. Specific dates for Cheonggye Plaza and Mokdong Stadium are to be decided.
12080351_1007365332640764_849417495704623696_oSo far, the most popular one is the night market held at the Cascade Plaza in Yeouido Hangang Park. Under the theme of “one-night world tour”, you can find food trucks that serve the trendiest items, foods that have a long history in Korea, and foods from different parts of the country.12141038_1008178109226153_218357547097232062_o.jpg You can also enjoy looking at handmade accessories and items and live music played by street musicians.allowto_snap_421

Meanwhile, the night market at Dongdaemun Design Plaza features trendy and unique design products designed by young startups. Moreover, you can even enjoy fashion shows and b-boy performances that add to a lively, convivial atmosphere. For directions, click here.12087877_1011447778899186_1637901258124689853_o

The night market at Cheonggye Plaza takes place when there are special occasions or holidays, and the theme changes according to the holiday. It first opened in May, a month that is often called “Family Month” in Korea, and will be held around July and September.

Mokdong Stadium, which is a stadium used for a variety of sports and a daily workout place for ordinary citizens, is another venue where the night market will take place. It is to be opened from July. At this market, you will be able to find a variety of sports or camping related products and have a chance to experience leisure activities at this night market.

To truly maximize your experience, check out our 6 tips before you go to Yeouido Night Market.

1. Check where the Information Center is before you start your night tour.summary-img112096492_1011448198899144_5479990271960090197_n

Make sure to remember where the information desk is just in case you get lost or need an emergency medical care. Feel free to ask the staff if you have questions about the night market.

You can find the Information Center at the entrance of Cascade Plaza and also several operations centers on site.

2. Go to the Colorful International Food Truck Zone!

This is probably everyone’s favorite part of the night market, right? Try tasting food from different parts of the country and all around the globe, which are served hot and fresh from 30 different food trucks. 11231286_1008177779226186_928495136197432176_oIt is highly recommended that you grab the treats first at the Colorful International Food Truck Zone and then take a look at other parts of the night market.

3. Happy shopping time! Hit the Shopping Lane.

After enjoying delicious treat, take a walk around the Shopping Lane where you can browse through a variety of handicraft and trendy items from different cultures and social enterprises.
12080350_1008177545892876_5331317147898765971_o12113299_1005639799479984_1072769268013483656_oWindow shopping is totally fine. But once you see these colorful, unique handmade accessories, you cannot help but buy them!

4. Take a ride on one of these hip & cool electric transport at Yeouido Hangang Park.

KakaoTalk_20160519_204151242When you are at the Yeouido Night Market, you will probably spot people riding one of these electric transport around the park. It is a trendy experience that is very popular among young people in Korea nowadays.

Here are all of the electric transport you can choose from: electric standing scooter, kickboard, skateboard, two-wheel scooter and one-wheel scooter. And when they run out of battery, you can just return to the shop and get it charged. Rental is available here.KakaoTalk_20160519_204153038.jpg

5. The Viewing Area, where the music takes you.

thumb-020debd6ffc618275519955fdbf2be14_1460967245_34_800x533From traditional, modern, buskers to impromptu performances, a variety of performances will make your night at Yeouido Hangang Park even more pleasant. Head over to the Viewing Area if you want to listen to music and relax.12140051_1008178392559458_5804782610482769014_oTo add, there will be other entertaining events for you to enjoy such as contemporary circus, a fire show, miming, a magic show and many more.

6. Chillax at the Rest Area with your beloved ones.

12038715_1008177922559505_5360634416726161102_oThe perfect way to wrap up your night at the Yeouido Night Market is sit at the rest area and take in the beautiful night views along the Han River with your significant ones.

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Photos in courtesy of 서울밤도깨비야시장 


  1. Hi! May I know when does the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market @ Yeouido Hangang Park ends?
    Will it be still ongoing by end of Oct? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi angelaa, this night market takes place in several places, but the main one is in Yeouido Hangang Park, which is located near Yeouinaru Station (Line 5). It will take you about 30 minutes by subway from Myeongdong Station to Yeouinaru Station and you will have to transfer from Line 4 to Line 5 at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station. If you want to go to the nearest market from Myeongdong, there is another that takes place in Dongdaemun Design Plaza, near Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Exit 1 or 2. While both night markets run every Friday and Saturday, the former runs from 6pm until 11pm and the latter runs from 7pm until 12am. Hope this info helps! 🙂

  2. I know the article stated it will be till oct… by any chances are there any night markets such as this in nov??

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