All about WiFi in Korea: Free WiFi & Renting a WiFi Egg


1. Get free WiFi!

As Korea is one of the most well developed IT countries, you can easily find a WiFi sign in any stores, especially in the cafes.

Don’t throw away your receipt because normally the password of WiFi is written on the receipt.

Also, there are commonly used WiFi routers that come with factory-set passwords. People can change the passwords but most of the people keep using given passwords.

Take a look at the list of WiFi hotspots and their passwords.

WiFi Hotspots & Passwords

KT_WLAN: 1234567890

KT SSID: 1234567890, 123456789a

KT QOOK AP: 1234567890

LG Uplus: lguplus002, lguplus100

My LG 070: 1234567891, 987654321a

U+zone: a123456789

SK_WLAN: 987654321b

SK: a123456789

SK (T-Spot): sktelecom

Hellowireless: 534f4b4354

Tbroadnet: 123456789, a123456789

Seven-Eleven: 2127393302

McDonalds: 16005252

Starbucks: Phone number written on the receipt

2. Rent or buy a WiFi Egg

For those who want unlimited access to WiFi networks during their stay, rent a portable and personal WiFi Egg (WiFi router) online and pick it up at the airport (Incheon Intl. Airport/Gimhae Airport) and return it afterward.

If you want to buy it instead of renting it, you will need an Alien Registration Card (ARC), which is an ID card for foreigners staying in Korea.

Rent your WiFi Egg online here.wifi-eggOnce you have received your WiFi Egg, follow the steps below to set up and connect to a WiFi with your device!

How to set up a WiFi connection

  1. Turn on the WiFi Egg
  2. Search for a WiFi network on an available smartphone or PC
  3. Select searched SSID
  4. Enter the KEY (the network password) accurately
  5. Now you’re connected! Welcome to WiFi on WiFi Egg (When the Egg lamp is red, you are in a non-serviced area)

Now, go ahead and rent the WiFi Egg to stay connected when you are traveling around Korea.

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