The ultimate guide to the must-visit winter K-drama filming locations in Korea!

Are you one of those people who can’t live without Korean dramas (K-dramas)? Well, I certainly am. As a K-drama enthusiast, you’ve also probably dreamed and dreamed of going on the ultimate K-drama crusade around Korea. Now, you can step into the shoes of your adored K-drama stars and live out your K-drama dreams right here, right now!

So, we’ve got a list of the must-visit Winter K-drama filming locations that will give you the winter feels. Turn fantasy into reality on your trip around Korea!

K-drama Filming Locations

1. Goblin

Yeongjin Beach

k-drama filming locations

Personally one of my favorite K-drama – Goblin. Do you remember that scene at the breakwater by the sea? It’s probably one of the most iconic scenes from the drama itself. This is the scene where Ji Eun-tak summons Kim Shin for the first time on her birthday! There are actually five breakwaters in this area of Jumunjin near Yeongjin Beach in Gangneung. Filming took place on the fourth breakwater from the left, so make sure you find the right one! But, don’t worry as there is a TV signboard right out front. Ever since the hit TV show aired, fans alike have been flocking to this breakwater at Yeongjin Beach for their own K-drama moment with their loved one. Also, with so many people trying to recreate the actual scene, there are several vendors nearby renting props such as the iconic red scarf and buckwheat flower bouquets. This is definitely one of the best winter K-drama filming locations you want to visit!

👺Summon Your Own Goblin Here at Yeongjin Beach👺



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+ BTS: You Never Walk Alone

k-drama filming locations

The beloved seven-member boy band, BTS, has also graced the sandy beaches of Hanhyo Beach, just a bit up north of Youngjin Beach. Have you ever heard of the BTS Bus Stop? They shot the cover for their album ‘You Never Walk Alone’ at a bus stop, which was initially built just for the album. However, with more and more fans coming in search of this bus stop, Gangneung City set up one just like it so that fans could re-enact the scene! It was even voted as the most popular travel destination in Korea for BTS fans!

🚏Shoot Your Own Album Cover at the BTS Bus Stop🚏



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Borinara Hagwon Farm, Gochang

k-drama filming locations

The cinematography featured throughout Goblin is quite spectacular creating picture-perfect scenes each frame, such as this particular scene. Do you still remember one of the most iconic quotes by Kim Shin that had everyone’s hearts fluttering?

Every moment I spent with you shined. Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad, and because the weather was good enough. I loved every moment of it.

Well, with the first snow of the year falling down on them, this is exactly where those words were spoken, right before Eun-tak leans into to kiss Kim Shin! 😲😲😲

Well, you can create your own romantic Kim Shin – Eun-tak scene at Borinara Hagwon Farm, a beautiful buckwheat flower farm, located in the lush and vibrant lands of Gochang, North Jeolla Province. With over 163 acres (660 thousand square meters) of buckwheat flower fields, it is indeed a sight to behold. We recommend that you visit between August to October during the annual Buckwheat Flower Festival!



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2. Legend of the Blue Sea

Pocheon Art Valley

k-drama filming locations

Almost like the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan, this scene begins with dozens of glowing lanterns adorning the skies. This is after Se-hwa tells Dam-ryeong that they will meet again when wish lanterns float, which they do in this scene. Surrounded by magnificent cliffs around emerald waters, the reunion between the two foretells their intertwined destinies.

This magical scene was taken at Cheonjuho Lake at Pocheon Art Valley, well-known for its magnificent views, that it was the filming location for many other dramas such as  Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Hwayugi. Though you can’t go in the water, admire the majestic view of Earth’s wonders at Pocheon Art Valley. A true scene of beauty for K-drama filming locations.

🌊Re-image Your Own Legend of the Blue Sea🌊



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Boseong Green Tea Fields

k-drama filming locations

This is where Se-hwa is almost caught by the swordsmen but is saved, just in the nick of time, by her knight in shining armour, Dam-ryeong! This heroic scene was filmed at Boseong Green Tea Fields in Boseong, South Jeolla Province, famous for its quality green tea products. Though we advise you not to recreate this “dangerous” scene with a loved one, make sure to pay a visit to Boseong Green Tea Fields, especially in the month of May when the weather is best. Here, you can try out many green tea delicacies such as green tea churros, green tea ice cream and even green tea tteokbokki.

🌿Take a Walk in the Boseong Green Tea Fields🌿



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3. My Love from the Star

Hangang E-land Cruise

All aboard the Hangang E-land Cruise for this one! While aboard the ferry cruise for the private wedding celebrations of a fellow actress, Cheon Song-yi has had a little bit too much to drink. As the boat sways from side to side, a tipsy Song-yi starts to lose her balance! At that moment, Min-jun who had his eyes on her uses his time-freezing abilities this time to prevent Song-yi from falling into the river and you know how this ends. As Min-jun lays Song-yi to rest in one of the cabin beds, they share their first kiss! 😍😍😍

Those it’s best not to fall into the Hangang… take in the cityscape that unfolds before your very eyes aboard the Hangang E-land Cruise.

🚣Enjoy a Romantic Night aboard the Hangang E-land Cruise🚣



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Petite France

Fans of My Love From the Stars will definitely point this scene out as possibly the most memorable of scenes. After a little quarrel between top star Cheon Song-yi and the dreamy alien Do Min-jun, Do Min-jun uses one of his many powers to instantly turn on all the lights around and make Song-yi fly towards him. This is, of course, followed by a romantic kiss between the two leads! 😍😍😍

As you can tell from the Little Prince figure in the back, this rosy scene was taken at Petite France, a quaint little French cultural village located in Gapyeong County. Inspired by Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince, with pastel-colored buildings and decorations straight out from a storybook, no wonder this place was chosen for this fairytale-like take.

🐘Re-enact Your Own Romantic Scene at Petite France👑



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Namsan Tower

Remember the cute little date Song-yi and Min-jun went on at Namsan (N Seoul) Tower and hung their own padlock (technically, Song-yi did it but whatever) on the Locks of Love? Just like an adorable couple in love! One of the top destinations in Korea for lovebirds, make your way to Namsan Tower to seal your love in place!

❤️Hang Your Own Love Padlock at Namsan Tower🔒

4. Winter Sonata

Nami Island

We’ve saved the best for last! The scenes from the hit TV series Winter Sonata from 2002 were and still remain to be some of the most iconic scenes in K-drama history, especially the moments between Joon-sang and Yoo-jin shared at Nami Island. However, there is one particular area in Nami Island that just screams Winter Sonata and has become a global symbol of Nami Island. Known as Metasequoia Lane, the road lined with sky-high trees has become possibly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Korea! You’ll remember the many scenes Joon-sang and Yoo-jin shared here especially in their teenage years riding a bike, taking a walk and playing around with one another. What’s more, Nami Island is a great place to visit whatever the season!

Why not rent a bike and recreate the scenes from Winter Sonata? Nami Island is certainly on the top of everyone’s list of must-visit winter K-drama filming locations!

🚲Take a Stroll Along along Metasequoia Lane at Nami Island🌲



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Mt. Balwangsan

Up in the snowy peaks of Mt. Balwangsan did one decision change the course of K-drama forever. This is where Joon-sang and Yoo-jin reaffirmed their love for one another after Joon-sang asks Yoo-jin who she is in love with. In other words, will it be Joon-sang or Sang-hyuk? Yoo-jin, of course, chooses Joon-sang. Walking along the fluffy white mountains with vast panoramic views of the world covered in snow, who wouldn’t? Located in Yongpyong Ski Resort, a 20-minute ride on the cable car will take you to the pinnacle of Mt. Balwangsan. Truly a winter wonderland come to life, enjoy a romantic stroll with your loved one on the snow-blanketed mountain!

* Several Goblin were filmed here too! One of them being this adorable scene where Shin finally confesses his love to Eun-tak and gives her a back hug… Ahhhh! 😍😍😍

❄️Take the Cable Car up to the Snowy Peaks of Mt Balwangsan🗻



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Head on out to these amazing K-drama filming locations in Korea and step into a magical K-drama of your own!

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