Fly through Chiang Mai’s jungle-like Tarzan!

While there are many places in Thailand where you can try ziplining, Chiang Mai is the best place to experience the ultimate ziplining with its lush jungles surrounding the city. In Chiang Mai, you can actually explore the jungle for many kilometers like Tarzan.

Many of you might feel afraid of ziplining because of the height, but it is definitely not as scary as bungee jumping as it’s not a free fall like bungee, also you will have the harness on your body to support you. It is indeed a fun activity that all ages can enjoy. Remember that the longer the flight, the less scary it is as you really get to enjoy the scenery.

If you decided to do ziplining in Chiang Mai, be sure to read on and find out what to expect in the lush paradise.

1. A basic guide to ziplining in Chiang Mai

Make sure you read these tips so that you can experience ziplining to the fullest.

1) Follow the instructions carefully – You will receive the instructions for safety at the beginning of the tour. Make sure not to do anything against the instructions.

2) Wear proper shoes – Since your feet will be hanging in the air most of the time, you will want to wear shoes that don’t slip off easily (definitely no flip-flop). There is a little bit of hiking involved to go to the tree-top, thus decent sneakers would be a good choice.

3) Wear comfortable clothing – You will be geared up with a harness that goes around your upper legs and shoulders. Wear a t-shirt with sleeves and comfortable pants (leggings or sweatpants) to prevent any discomfort from the harness.

4) Keep your hair tied up – If you have long hair, make sure to keep it out of the way by braiding or tying up.

5) Make the most of it – Just go for it and have fun! You might feel awkward during the first course, but you’ll get used to it. Make sure to look around as you zip down, take in all the lush scenery around you!

2. What to expect on 1-day ziplining in Chiang Mai

1-day ziplining would be perfect for those who want to savor the ziplining for a short amount of time!

If you go ziplining for 1 day, it will take about 5~7 hours to finish the whole experience. When you choose the zipline company, make sure if it includes some of the essentials such as round-trip transfer service, lunch, and insurance. Most of the zipline companies have multiple time slots, thus you can decide when to start your journey based on your schedule. Here are the highlights of the 1-day zipline experience.

Here are the most recommended 1-day zipline operators.

They both include round-trip transportation, lunch and insurance which are really necessary to have a safe, smooth & fun experience. Be sure to book in advance because they do sell out.

Flight of the Gibbon is located to the right of Chiang Mai city center, and the Flying Squirrels is located on the opposite. Both have similar zipline courses, but each of them has its own merits.

Flight of the Gibbon is renowned for its longest zipline course, and also in their courses, there are high chances you spot gibbons (Yes, that’s why their name is “Flight of the Gibbon”. It is the original zipline company in Chiang Mai and has a great reputation for its safety standard.

Flying Squirrels came several years later than Flight of the Gibbon. But it also has a variety of ziplining courses just as exciting as the original. They also feature Northern Thailand’s only treetop high-wire bicycle ride through the lush rain forest canopy. Plus, you can also take advantage of the cheap price. They offer at less than half price of the Flight of the Gibbon.

Eagle Track Zipline is a relatively new zipline operator which is also located near Flying Squirrels. It boasts diverse platforms of ziplines that enhance the fun element. The best part is that you can choose a package that suits your needs.  Whether you just want to try ziplining for an hour or full 3 hours you can choose exactly what you want.

Dragon Flight Zipline takes place in the beautiful rainforest of Doi Saket, one of the most well-known mountains in Chiang Mai. It features 26 ziplines, the longest being a whopping 765m, as well as 55 platforms to zipline from! Ziplining amongst the majestic trees of the ancient rainforest will definitely a huge plus to your zipline adventure!

No matter which activity you choose, you will have a one-of-a-kind experience. 😉

1) Get picked up from your hotel in Chiang Mai.

You can either start your day super early like 7 am and have more free time in the afternoon, or you can sleep in and start after lunch. Normally the zipline locations are about 1 hour away from the Chiang Mai city. Whenever you start the tour it will be quite accommodating with their door-to-door transfer service.

2) Arrive at the headquarter.

Once you arrive at the headquarter, they will give you safety instructions and gear you up. You can put your belongings in the locker here. Make sure to use the bathroom if needed before hitting the jungle. 😉

3) Hit the jungle and fly like Tarzan.

As you get to explore several kilometers in the jungle, there will be diverse ziplining courses for the whole activity. If you want to try the longest zipline in Asia, you should go for the Flight of the Gibbon tour.

👉 Flight of the Gibbon – 1 Day Zipline Adventure from Chiang Mai 👈

In the courses, there will be plenty of variations of ziplines such as couple zipline and Superman (or Tarzan) zipline which allows you to jump off with your body staying horizontal. In addition to the ziplining, you can also try rappels, sky bridges too, which makes the tour a whole lot more entertaining.

4) Finishing up the activity.

After you conquer the jungle you will come back to the headquarter and will have an appetizing lunch at a local restaurant. You can roam around the local town a little bit, and then it’s back in the car and back to your hotel in Chiang Mai.

3. What to expect on 2D1N ziplining in Chiang Mai

Want to explore the outskirts of Chiang Mai as well as ziplining? Take this 2D1N tour!

For those who want to immerse yourself in a northern-Thai culture while enjoying the ziplining, Flight of the Gibbon offers 2D1N tour.

You can either choose the Segway city tour or mountain biking.

With the Segway city tour option, you can wander through Chiang Mai’s landmarks such as temples, markets and the Three Kings Monument. It will save your time walking, and you will end up seeing more things! And don’t worry even if you never tried Segway before. There will be 15 minutes of safety lessons as well.

If you want something more adventurous, choose the mountain biking option and hit the road from the top of Doi Pui Mountain (1,600m). There are 4 tracks, and you can choose one based on your biking level.

After you finish your Segway tour or Mountain biking, you will move on to the next stop, Mae Kampong.

Mae Kampong is a true hidden gem of nature, and surprisingly you will find loads of artistic cafes & restaurants.

One of the most popular spots in Mae Kampong is the Giant Café. This is a café literally built on top of the giant tree. It is certainly not to be missed if you are in the area.

After you stroll around the area on your own in the afternoon, you will stay at the local home in Mae Kampong village which will treat you with delicious Thai dinner. Then on the next day, off you go to the ziplining!

If you want to book a 2D1N ziplining tour from Chiang Mai, click here.

👉 Flight of the Gibbon – 2D1N Zipline Adventure from Chiang Mai 👈

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit for more travel tips and ideas for your next trip to Thailand!


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