Best Beaches Worth Traveling in Korea

Want to make the most of your summer in Korea? Check out our list of the 3 best beaches in Korea that are absolutely worth a visit.

Since the Korean peninsula is surrounded by the ocean on its three sides, there are countless beach options for beachgoers to choose from. For those who are planning a beach getaway, here are the best beaches in Korea you must visit this summer!


1. Surfyy Beach

If you want to avoid the big summer crowds or need seaside chillaxing and have maybe a cocktail or two, Surfyy Beach is your go-to beach. Hidden in Yangyang County’s Hajodae Beach, Surfyy Beach is a strip of private beach that offers a laid-back surfing vibe and a new-generation surf facility for hip surfing crowds. There are also separate zones for surfers and swimmers, which allow surfers to enjoy the waves without crashing into the beach crowds.

2. Nine Beach

Nine Beach is a private beach located in the East Sea where you can witness stunning sunset and sunrise views. This summer, SBS M&C is hosting an overnight beach EDM party every Saturday from June to August. You can join Trazy’s hassle-free shuttle bus package from Seoul. With optional surfing lessons available before the party, you can have an ultimate summer experience with the fun of surfing in the afternoon and a beach party at night!

3. Jangho Beach


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Known as the ‘Naples of Korea’, Jangho Beach in Samcheok, Gangwon Province is a must-visit spot if you would like to snorkel in Korea. The water is clear as crystal, allowing snorkelers to see beneath the water easily. You can also hop on a transparent canoe that allows you to see the underwater creatures from above the water. Clear your mind of stress and worries by spending a day in the see-through waters of Jangho Beach.

4. Sokcho Beach


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Sokcho is a popular city to visit all year round for vacation in Gangwon-do Province. Not only you will see the glittering ocean view at Sokcho Beach, but also you can witness the spectacular landscapes of Seoraksan Mountian! If you want to enjoy both ocean and mountain views, Sokcho is highly recommended. Why don’t you have a relaxing time at Sokcho Beach after hiking up to Singheungsa Temple at Seoraksan National Park?

5. Jeongdongjin Beach


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Jeongdongjin is a famous beach in Gangneung, mostly known for its emerald blue water and intensely red sunrise. However, there are more reasons to visit Jeongdongjin! Here, you’ll find a rail bike trail right on the beach with a clear view of the ocean. You can pedal across the beach, feeling the cool ocean breeze while enjoying the spectacular scenery. If you would like to take your time with the view, you can also walk along the Jeongdong-Simgok Badabuchae-gil Trail, a coastal trail that extends for 2.8km.

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6. Cheongsihaeng Beach & Yeongjin Beach


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If you would like to explore the must-visit beaches in Gangneung, a famous coastal city on the east coast, you should definitely visit Cheongsihaeng Beach & Yeongjin Beach, which are the filming location for the famous K-pop and K-drama. Cheongsihaeng Beach is well-known as “BTS Bus Top”, where the “You Never Walk Alone” music video filming location was filmed. Yeongjin Beach was the setting of the iconic scene of the sensational K-drama “Goblin”.

7. Wonpyeong & Yonghwa Beach


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Located on the east coast of Korea, Samcheok is a beautiful city that is famous for its spectacular beaches. The best way to enjoy Wonpyeong and Yonghwa Beach is to pedal along the Samcheok Ocean Rail Bike and witness a breathtaking panoramic view of the East Sea!


1. Daechon Beach 


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If you like buzzing beaches, head to Daecheon Beach, the largest beach located on the west coast of Korea. While Daecheon Beach is best known for its annual summer festival, Boryeong Mud Festival, which takes place around mid-July, there are numerous exciting activities for the beachgoers to enjoy.

Also, you can enjoy fun music festivals featuring famous artists, such as Mike Perry, Krewella, Gray, Paul Kim, Apink, Golden Child, H1-KEY, and many more. The music festivals include the World K-pop Festival (July 22), the GS25 Music Festival (July 29), and the World DJ Festival (August 5).


1. Haeundae Beach


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Often considered the most famous beach in Korea, Haeundae Beach attracts millions of visitors annually. The beach stretches for 1.5 km and the shallow bay invites everyone to dip in its emerald water. This white sand beach is also famous for the liveliness created by various events and festivals that occur on the beach all year round.

2. Gwangalli Beach

Along with Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach is another popular beach in the area of Busan. Gwangalli Beach is an excellent beach to visit both during the day and the night, as visitors can take a dip in the emerald blue water in the daytime and get a spectacular view of Gwanandaegyo Bridge lighting up the dark sky in the nighttime.

3. Songjeong Beach


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Although lesser known than Haeundae or Gwangalli Beach, Songjeong Beach has been quickly gaining popularity among locals and tourists. Songjeong Beach is especially loved by surfers as Songjeong’s constant waves and fine sand present a delightful surfing experience. After having fun on the beach, you can walk to the bamboo forest near the beach to relax and recharge your energy.

Jeju Island

1. Woljeongri Beach

Woljeongri Beach is a beach best known for its tranquility. The white sand along with the clear blue water creates a serene scene that immediately relieves anyone of their stress and worries. The shallow depth of the water also makes the beach a perfect destination for families with children.

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2. Jungmun Beach


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Surrounded by rugged cliffs and comprised of 4 different colors of sand – white, grey, black, and red- Jungmun Beach possesses a unique charm that attracts visitors worldwide. Jungmun Beach’s high and frequent tides have specially established the beach as the surfing mecca of Korea and the host of the nation’s biggest surfing competition.

3. Iho Tewoo Beach


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Iho Tewoo Beach is a beach located close to downtown Jeju. The beach presents a unique view of horse-shaped lighthouses that has become a photo spot for many tourists. The beach is also known to be a region where a unique practice of fishing using tides take place. Nearby, you can find a black locust tree and bamboo forests where you can unwind as you breathe in the clean air.

4. Hamdeok Beach

Get ready to be welcomed by a marvelous view of palm trees, blinding white sand, and the emerald blue ocean at Hamdeok Beach. As you take a dip in the water, you will be surprised by the transparent water that gives you a clear view of the underwater from above. The beach’s uniquely calm waves have also made this shore the perfect place to do kitesurfing.

5. Hyeopjae Beach

Hyeopjae Beach is a must-visit beach in Jeju, beloved by visitors for its picturesque scene of the pristine ivory sand color and the cobalt blue ocean. The beach is also known to be a great location to catch the sunset as the intensely red sky and the reflection of the glowing sun on the water create unforgettable scenery.

6. Aewol Gwakji Gwamul Beach


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The Aewol Handam Coastal Trail is a great way to explore the natural wonders of Jeju. Walk along the curvy coastline formed by black volcanic rocks and enjoy the tranquility of Jeju. In the spring, you can behold an extraordinary scene of rape flowers blooming along the coastline. This trail is a wonderful opportunity to embrace the cool coastal breeze while taking in the remarkable scene.

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