Spring festivals by the Han River or in the mountains are a few ways to celebrate the start of spring in Korea!

But, how about Spring festivals at theme parks? When it comes to theme parks in Korea, it’s either going big or go home and they’ve definitely gone big this year with their spring festivities.
So, prepare yourself for a season filled with flowers and magical experiences as we introduce you to some of the best spring festivals at theme parks in Korea this year.


1. Everland: Fairy Town with Sanrio Characters (Mar 22~Jun 16)

2. Lotte World x After School Lessons for Unripe Apples (Mar 1~May 26)

3. Daegu E-World: Blossom Picnic RaRa Land (Feb 24~May 31)

1. Everland: Fairy Town with Sanrio Characters (Mar 22~Jun 16)

Everland is a great place to visit any time of the year. With thrilling rides, entertaining shows and much more to enjoy it’s always a favorite destination for all.
What’s more, just in time for spring, Everland is bringing the magical experience of Spring to you with its own Fairy Town. Get into the spirit this spring by experiencing all that Fairy Town has to offer.

1) Experience Fairy Town

i. Fairy Town Portal

| Where: Four Seasons Garden

페어리운 포털

ii. Welcome Garden

| Where: Four Seasons Garden

웰컴 가든

ii. Fairy Town Central Park

페어리타운 센트럴파크

2) Sky Garden Trail

| Where / When: Sky Garden Trail / Mar 15~Mar 26
| Operating Hours: 10:20-18:00
| Price: 5,000 WON

Experience the beauty of the pink-tinged cherry blossoms of the Sky Garden Trail at Everland this spring. What’s more, it’s all possible even without an entrance ticket to the theme park itself.

Starting at the Bamboo Forest Trail, the cherry blossom-lined path will offer you the most magnificent views, that are a must-see especially with your loved ones. Finishing off at Tammae Path, you’ll be able to catch Everland transformed into a rosy bed of flowers.

The added benefits of enjoying a day at the Sky Garden Trail include 50% off  tickets to Ho-Am Art Museum, free shuttle-bus service to and from the Sky Garden Trail as well as special prices for tickets to Everland!

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3) Entertainment

i. New Spring Performance

| Where: Carnival Plaza (Apr 19~Jun 16)

봄 신규 광장 공연 이미지

A new performance starring Lenny and Lala awaits as they set out on a new adventure!

ii. Carnival Fantasy Parade

| Where: Parade Street & Carnival Plaza

If you’re at Everland, you don’t want to miss out on the Carnival Fantasy Parade, a long-time favorite with samba dancing, a Venetian masquerade, and more.

iii. Waltz in Royal Palace

| Where: Four Seasons Garden

Attend the Fairy Town ball decorated from top to bottom with a myriad of flowers.

iv. Lala’s Monster Clean-Up

| Where: Carnival Plaza

Ever wondered what happens to the trash you throw away on the streets? Watch as they turn into monsters with only Lala stopping them in their paths.

v. Moonlight Parade

| Where: Parade Street & Carnival Plaza

Watch Everland come to life in an array of dazzling lights as the sun goes down as the Moonlight Parade starts.

vi. Time Odyssey

| Where: Four Seasons Garden

The best way to finish off a magical day at Everland – with the spectacular fireworks show of Time Odyssey.

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2. Lotte World x After School Lessons for Unripe Apples (Mar 1~May 26)

Always a popular spot for couples, students, and anything hoping to spend an exciting day out, Lotte World invites you to a unique collaboration with the webtoon ‘After School Lessons for Unripe Apples’. With spring coming around just the corner, join them on their journey around Lotte World!

1) Performances

i. End of a Century Latte

| Where / When: Adventure 1st Floor Garden Stage
| When: Mar 9~May 26 / Sat, Sun, Public Holidays @5PM

The sweet story of friendship and love between Cheol and Mia begins here. The sports festival and folk dance straight out of the webtoon will unfold right before your very eyes.

ii. Lottie’s Adventure Parade

| Where: Adventure 1st Floor Parade Course
| Time: Every day @2PM, 8PM

Don’t forget to catch the signature parade performance at Lotte World! With characters that seem like they’re come straight out of a fairytale, Lottie’s Adventure Parade will truly get everyone in high spirits and jumping about with joy!

iii. Let’s Go! School

| Where / When: Adventure 1st Floor Meeting Plaza
| Time: @3.30PM

A new spectacle at Lotte World, Let’s Go! School. Don’t forget to join in and cheer them on.

2) Photo Zones

i. Unripe Apples On the Way to School

| Where: Magic Island Main Bridge

Lotte World invites you on an exciting walk to school together with Cheol and Mia. Encounter Cheol and Mia, who seem to emit the scent of fresh apples, under the Magic Island Main Bridge!

ii. After School Lessons

| Where: Adventure 1st Floor Meeting Plaza

Lottie is back with his, with a Media Tree video carrying messages of love! Create your own Lottie, Lorry cookies with the interactive kiosk!

iii. Hello Spring

| Where: Adventure 1st Floor Dream Castle Photo Zone

Lottie and Lorry have become the protagonists of Cheol and Mia’s fresh love story! If you happen to pass by these two, stop for a moment to pay attention to them! Take a seat for a minute, fill yourself with love, and then continue on your way around the rest of Lotte World.

iv. Magic Castle

| Where / When: Magic Island Magic Castle
| Time / Duration: 20:40 / 5 mins

Finish the night off with the spectacular display of lights at the Magic Castle. In celebration of Lotte World’s 35-year anniversary, don’t miss out on the Magic Castle being lit up for a magical display!

3) Cherry Blossom Spot

Lotte World transforms into a picturesque cherry blossom haven every spring too, enchanting visitors with its stunning floral display. The park’s meticulously landscaped gardens, combined with the vibrant hues of cherry blossoms, create a mesmerizing scene that is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a romantic outing. Additionally, the nearby Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival offers an immersive experience amidst a canopy of cherry blossoms surrounding the serene waters, providing visitors with an unforgettable opportunity to revel in the beauty of spring.

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3. Daegu E-World: Blossom Picnic RaRa Land (Feb 24~May 31)

Away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan area, Daegu E-World offers a whole new experience to all. Not only does it have fantastic rides but also offers a great experience for all, especially during the Spring season. With some of the best cherry blossom photo spots to visit with your loved ones, make sure to hop on over to Daegu E-World while you’re in Korea for the spring!

1) Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms

i. Cherry Blossom Tower Road

| Where: 83 Tower Road

With dozens and dozens of cherry blossom trees lining 83 Tower Road, they create the perfect cherry blossom canopy.

ii. Red Double-decker Bus

| Where: 83 Tower 4th Floor Plaza

If you’re looking for the perfect cherry blossom photo spot, don’t forget to stop by the red double-decker bus which will make it seem like you’re even on the streets of London!

iii. Cherry Blossom Merry-go-round

| Where: E-World Merry-go-round

With cherry blossom trees on both sides and a magical merry-go-round in the back, it’s the perfect spot to take a romantic photo with a loved one.

iv. Rainbow Blossom Lighting

| Where / When: 83 Tower Road / After sunset

With the cherry blossoms trees along 83 Tower Road lightning up in an array of colors after sunset, don’t forget to stay back for this amazing display of lights.

2. RaRaLand Photospots

i. Welcome RaRa Land

| Where: E-World Entrance / Every weekend 9.55AM, 4.55PM


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Begin your day at E-World with a warm welcome performance by RaRa and the dancers before starting on your journey!

ii.. RaRa’s Welcome Floral Square

| Where: Across Skyway

Pass by the Floral Square and you know you’re off to a great start to your adventure in E-World!

iii. RaRa’s Purple Road

| Where: After passing by Heart Plaza

With the bright pink and purple-colored umbrellas decorating the streets, don’t forget to take a photo here!

iv. RaRa’s Lovely Dream Road

| Where: Fantasy Road

v. Blossom Topiary Square

| Where: Fantasy Square

Beebee and his friends greet you once again at the Blossom Topiary Square, another great spot to capture your memories at E-World.

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